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General Practice

We offer a wide variety of medical services including:

Asthma treatment, counselling, diabetic care, diagnostic services, environmental medicine, health promotion, home visits, immunisations, injury management, interpreters, long term care, maternity care, medical assessments, medico legal reports, men’s health, nurses, pain management, pre-cancer management, prescriptions, regular skin cancer checks, reviews and excisions, minor surgery, sexual health, vaccinations, visiting specialists, women’s health to name just a few.

Our GPs provide referrals to other health experts and can provide a central point of coordination for your medical support team, no matter what kind of treatments you choose to use. 

All of our GPs are open to a discussion on the non-conventional measures you may be using to support your health including supplements, complementary practitioners and alternative therapies. A great relationship with an open-minded GP will help you ensure whatever treatments and therapies you use are as effective and positive as they can be.

We have GPs who can practice complementary therapies themselves including: acupuncture, herbalism and reiki.

Our GP and natural therapists collaborate closely. It is possible to schedule a collaborative appointment with our naturopath and some of our GPs. Same room, same time.


Our practice nurses provide a comfortable person to speak to about care plans including team care arrangements as well as health care checks for all ages and may contact you proactively about your care.

Our nurses conduct some treatments and also assist in surgical procedures, immunisation and vaccination care and support.

Our Doctors

Dr Shyam Gurudoss

Dr Bart Scanlon

Dr Hannah Gray

Dr Lori Benton

Dr Miranda

Dr Kristy

Dr Bo

Dr Filipe
Soares Rocha

Dr Anousha

Other Services



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