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Step 1: Book the Time

Book the right amount of time for you appointment.  We all complain about waiting times at the doctors and this was one of the reasons why practice owner Kath Teagle and her husband Chris decided to own their own practice so they could not only provide great care to people of Newcastle but also care that was on time!

To do this though you need to book with the receptionists the amount of time you need.

See your doctor regularly and have just 1 simple question or concern a standard appointment might be suitable. If you haven’t seen a doctor recently, have more than one question or concern or think your appointment may need further tests or referral please book a longer appointment.

Our standard appointments are made at 10 – 15minute intervals.

Don’t be afraid to book the time you need, all appointments result in around the same out of pocket expense.  Please advise staff if you require extra time or if you require an interpreter.

Step 2: Be Prepared

Come prepared to answer lots of questions about why you are seeing the doctor.  Experiencing unusual pain?  Make sure you remember or note down:

  • When you first experienced the pain
  • How long does/did the pain last for
  • Where does the pain happen on your body
  • What seems to make it worse
  • What seems to make it better
  • Has it happened again
  • How frequently
  • Can you describe the pain: is it sharp, dull, achey, stabbing etc

Be ready to answer questions and have your facts at your recall. Write it down, we love lists!

Medications, dosages, over-the-counter medications, herbal and nutritional supplements are all need to know for your GP.

What does the modern doctor offer?

We live in an age where many of us endure, poor diets, little exercise and high stress. These factors lead to chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers…. It is easy to find ourselves with our health failing, too much stress and not enough energy to do all the good stuff we know will in the long term help.

The good news is that your doctor can help. Gone are the days when the GP’s role was largely the treatment of acute health issues. In recognition of the chronic state of it’s nation’s health the Government has provided programs to assist GP’s to become ‘managers’ of their patients’ health and have identified crucial age groups and risk factors that would benefit from preventative and managed health care.

Every Australian within the identified age and at risk groups is entitled to take advantage of services by entering into a partnership with their Doctor to achieve optimal health.

At MMC we offer comprehensive health care services to assist you to either remain in or achieve your optimum level of health. Our Doctors offer services such as acupuncture, well-women’s checks, pre-employment health checks and the full range of medical services. Please see your GP for a tailored plan.

Do I need an appointment?

Our practice runs by appointment only, you can make an appointment with your doctor of choice by phoning (02) 4968 2157 or book online via the tab on the side of the page titled ‘Make an Appointment’.

We can not accept emailed appointments.

On-the-day Appointments

We save ‘on the day’ appointments for urgent and unexpected health issues.